Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cupcake Extravaganza Part 2

A new Spring Break/possible bi-weekly tradition has emerged! Big Top Cupcake making!!!

After work last week, I invaded Emily's house and we tried our luck at making a cupcake 25x bigger than the average cupcake!!!! Well, after mixing together the batter (2 cake mixes!!!) we let it bake for nearly an hour. During baking time, we played Canasta and watched Keeping Up Appearances. For those of you not familiar with Keeping Up Appearances, I suggest making yourself familiar with it ASAP. It is quite hilarious and Hyacinth will undoubtedly remind you of your grandma. Below are pictures from the event:

As you can see, we got a little carried away on the batter amount, but we took the fill line as more of a guideline than a rule hence the exploding cupcake halves. Aside from the unstable foundation and over-filled filling, the Big Top Cupcake was a success! And they weren't lying on the box when they say it's 25x bigger than a normal cupcake. They were lying, however, at the level of easiness they claimed it is to put together. But when all was said and done and cupcake pieces were nestled on a few scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream, my tastebuds were basically in heaven. If Em's mom doesn't send the Big Top Cupcake bake wear to the D.I. before our next get together, I'm definitly up for another Big Top Cupcake.

P.S. Here's a visual reference for Keeping Up Appearances:


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  1. Love it! I think canasta, cake, and Hyacinth are the best combination ever and don't worry, i have the bakeware safely hidden from my mom. No D.I. for big top...this time :)