Monday, March 15, 2010

This Tank Don't Run on "E"

Last month there was a cupcake party/family home evening/police encounter an Emily's house. Below are pictures from said party:

Needless to say, a good time was had by all that evening. Em and I learned all sorts of fun things about Australia from Toddward and I even learned that there aren't any crocidiles in Peru! (Or was it alligators?) Oh of the two are absent from Peru. I also learned that Emily does not take kindly to Koala bears...especially the wet variety. For her benefit, I have posted a picture here:

After an evening full of awesomeness, I made my way home. It was about 12:30 in the morning (!) and I was literally about a mile from home when I got pulled over by the police!

Yep it two (TWO) officers made their way over to my car and asked where I had been at where I was going at such an early hour. I explained what I was doing etc., etc. as the officer was examining my car the entire time, as if he'd find something illegal. But he said that he saw me swerving and asked if I had a license handy. I handed him my license and the two officers went back to their car to access my information. I told them I was just tired for the reason for swerving---I didn't tell them that I was actually reaching for a cupcake in a plastic baggie when the swerving occured. All in all, I was let off the hook without a ticket (first time in history) and made my way home. Even after being hassled by the man, I still deem this evening a smashing success!

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